Bald Eagle Photography, Big Beef Harbor

Bald Eagle Photography, Big Beef Harbor



What's the fuss about bald eagle photography on Big Beef Harbor, you ask? Well, each year, from May to early June, a spectacular event happens on the banks of the Hood Canal. Hundreds of bald eagles gather to hunt the plainfin midshipman fish during its spawning season. As the tide goes out, the plainfin midshipmen twist and turn, seeking protection from the bald eagles in the razor-sharp oyster beds. Eagles watch from nearby trees or the air and then carefully pick their moments to gingerly land on the oysters and pluck the fish from their hiding spots. Once airborne (and very often on the ground), the eagles have to fight multiple other eagles to keep their catch. It is one of nature's most awe-inspiring events and one of the most sought after bald eagle photography experiences in the world. 


Big Beef Harbor, near Seabeck, Washington is where most photographers migrate for bald eagle photography on the Hood Canal. In recent years (thanks, Instagram) word spread about the convocation of eagles in this small town. Unfortunately, eagles are not the only hunters now. Photographers come from around the world seeking their opportunity to catch dynamic photographs of the eagles flying, hunting, and fighting. With this many people coming to this tiny town, there are problems, as you can imagine.

There is minimal street parking at Big Beef Harbor (zero parking lots) and the harbor is surrounded by private homes, driveways and beaches. Only when the tide goes out and the oyster beds are exposed do photographers have somewhere other than the bridge to set up their tripods. It's dangerous (those oysters are razor sharp), muddy and crowded. And, with no public restrooms in sight, us gals have some real hard decisions to make (to drink coffee or to not drink coffee...). 

Visiting Big Beef Harbor during this annual event requires very careful planning. Even so, many arrive only to find they must turn back, as there is no available parking. Don't let his happen to you! Get your private, all access pass to this event by joining Bird Bitch. 

bald eagles fighting seabeck washington


Bird Bitch is offering private access to a handful of lucky female photographers wanting to experience bald eagle photography on the Hood Canal (2023)! You will have private parking (one vehicle only), a bathroom, full kitchen with a fridge to store your food/drinks, seating area with tables (enjoy the luxury of transfering your images from your SD card to your computer/external drive at any time!) WiFi and more! . 


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