Welcome to Bird Bitch

Welcome to Bird Bitch

Taking flight! 

Hello, Pretty Bird, and welcome. You're new here... and we are, too. So, how'd that happen? 

Bird Bitch came out of a desire to create an environment for women to embrace their place, and power, in the birding community. But, let's back this bird up for a sec... 

I'm Roxanne, founder of Bird Bitch. I've been a photographer for over 40 years. You can see my work on my Instagram account and my personal website. At some point on my bird journey I realized there was so much more that women could enjoy in the birding community if it were more inclusive and, well... managed by women. I wondered how we could take ownership of who we are and what we offer in a fun, female-driven way. Not long after that, in casual conversation, I told someone I was a "bird bitch," and lo and behold a brand was born. 

 Bird Bitch offers: 

  • Custom Apparel
  • Custom Content on our Social Pages 
  • Photography Tutorials
  • Birding Information & Tools
  • Honest Reviews of Birding Gear/Camera Gear
  • Female-led Bird Tours
  • Female-led Bird Photography Tours
  • Blog Features from Bird Bitch Ambassadors
  • Inclusive Places to Connect with Other Female Birders
  • Self Defense Classes
  • And more

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