Birds of a Feather are Successful Together

Birds of a Feather are Successful Together

I reached out to some of my bird nerd friends today asking if they would like to contribute to the Bird Bitch blog. I explained that when they create a blog post (or vlog!) for us - be it about birds, birdy locations, favorite products, camera settings, ect. - we would add inbound links to their website, social accounts, etc. When texting with one friend, I wrote, "Birds of a feather are successful together.

That's the goal when we ask you to contribute your unique take on birds/birding. You are sharing your expertise while also gaining exposure to a larger audience. In turn, Bird Bitch gets to offer diverse voices writing on an array of bird subjects.

One person or one small team cannot provide the depth, levels of expertise/experience, and diverse takes on the bird world that Bird Bitch wants to provide. This is where the Bird Bitch community comes in. Each of you has something unique to share, and we want to give it wings. 

And here's what happens. As our community grows, so does your exposure and potential growth. We may be tapped to provide subject matter experts for outside publications, or you may get contacted about a photo you shared in your post, or a bird nerd might be looking for your type of business services and discovers you here (like, I'm looking for an accountant as I type this...), and so on. 

When you submit a blog/vlog post, this is what we want to see: 

  • A picture of you
  • Your bio 
  • Your take on whatever subject you're writing about: birds, gear, locations
  • Pictures to support what you're writing about (must be your photos)
  • Links to your business/social accounts

 Do you have something you'd like to share? Email us and let's get that conversation started! 

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